What Vet2Tech Can Do For You

  • Recruit veteran candidates
  • Identify tax incentives and training reimbursements
  • Explain military occupational specialties (MOS) codes
  • Identify unique soft-skills of veterans

Let’s Get Started!

Why Hire Veterans?

Hiring veterans is smart business. They will advance the goals of your company with proven leadership abilities, advanced training, and direct problem-solving skills. Veterans are used to working under pressure and in stressful environments. They know what it takes to work together with peers and supervisors for the good of the team. They are resourceful and committed to a positive outcome. Their respectful demeanor and no-nonsense attitude allows your workforce to achieve positive outcomes on time and on budget.

Veterans understand how to take orders and take the lead. Give them a task and it GETS DONE!

Don’t accept ordinary…expect extraordinary. Hire a veteran.

Recruit Veteran Candidates

Vet2Tech will work with your hiring manager to fill open positions with qualified veteran candidates who will positively impact your company.

Identify Tax Incentives

Vet2Tech will make certain your company takes advantage of the generous tax incentives available through federal and state programs to companies hiring military veterans. The process for identifying, understanding, and obtaining incentives can be daunting, and most companies don’t have the time or expertise to pursue valuable incentives. Vet2Tech will assist your company with the process and make sure tax credits are filed in a timely, efficient manner.

Identify Training Reimbursements

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship works in conjunction with State Apprenticeship Agencies to approve your company’s training program for veteran’s interested in learning a new trade or skill. Approved employers generally pay a reduced OJT/Apprenticeship wage.

Employers hiring veterans may be entitled to reimbursements up to 50% of the veteran’s salary for up to six months to offset training costs. Vet2Tech will assist you in identifying potential OJT reimbursement programs in your area.