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To see all military veterans gainfully employed following their tour of duty.

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To connect Veterans with employment opportunities in manufacturing and technical careers nationwide, and to educate employers on the tangible and intangible benefits of hiring Veterans.

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Michael S M | U.S. Army | 
Colorado Springs, CO

“I was looking for a new career opportunity that would build on the technical skills I learned in the military. I also wanted to find a career that was service oriented. I received an email from my AW2 sponsor about the Vet2Tech program.

I was skeptical because many programs say they want to help veterans, but few really do. I went to the Vet2Tech website to get more information and I liked what I saw. My wife encouraged me to send my resume to Vet2Tech. I figured nothing would come of it…boy, was I WRONG!!!

I promptly received a phone call from George at Vet2Tech. He worked with me to update my resume and told me he would get my resume out to hiring companies that same day. I was still skeptical, but had nothing to lose at this point. Within a day I had job interviews scheduled with four companies. Two days later I was offered a position as a field service technician that included on-the-job-training, which I really liked. I accepted the position and look forward to starting my new career.

From the time I sent my resume to Vet2Tech to the time I was hired was only three days. Thank you Vet2Tech for what you do for Veterans.”

Brandon L. | U.S. Marine Corps Reserve | Los Angeles, CA

In today’s job market, it has been increasingly difficult to find good career opportunities; even for those with technical backgrounds. I have more than seven years of experience in military logistics, a bachelor’s degree in operations management and prior civilian work experience in logistics. Despite my qualifications, it was difficult to find a quality position to advance in my career.

At the time, I had been unemployed for about a month when another veteran I know connected me with Vet2Tech.  I sent my resume to Vet2Tech and received a phone call from Mr. George Nicholson that same day.  He worked with me personally and followed through with me until I was hired by a manufacturing company in my area.  Working with Vet2tech gave me peace of mind and helped me find the next step in my career.

Matt D. | U.S. Marine Corps | Titusville, FL

“It’s also no secret that making the transition from the military to civilian life has its own unique challenges. Vet2Tech successfully helps by smoothing the transition for veterans into field service and manufacturing careers. I am one of their success stories.

First, here’s a little background on me.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  I left my hometown to purse a 21 year career in the United States Marine Corps.  I started out as a helicopter mechanic before becoming an Aircrewman on several different aircraft models as my career advanced.

After serving several combat tours I was given an opportunity to serve on the CH-46 production line at the Fleet Readiness Center East, located at Cherry Point, NC.  Our team worked hard to become the Preferred Provider of Global Vertical Lift Aviation Industrial, Logistics, and Engineering Support Services.  There was a lot involved to achieve this.  We were committed to taking care of the customer by outperforming our competitors related to Quality, Schedule and Cost of our products.  We strove to improve effectiveness and cost performance while never losing focus on the fact that our end users were on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant in 2008 and worked in public service for several years in the Orlando, FL.  Throughout my time there I missed the maintenance and technical aspects of my military experience.  I started looking for another opportunity and saw one as a Regional Service Manager via Vet2Tech.

I sent Vet2Tech my resume on a Friday night and by Saturday they sent me a personal email that showed they clearly read my information. From there it was not long until I had landed in the current position I enjoy today.

Throughout the process Vet2Tech was informative, encouraging, and helped me understand how my military qualities were well suited for the industries they represent.

Vet2Tech’s insight was on target.  I always thought of myself as an aviation guy, they saw my background in managing maintenance and service in the Marine Corps as a natural transition into the role as a Regional Service Manager.

There are many of us that will succeed on a technical level and even in an executive or leadership capacity. For veterans, we need to understand the skills we developed in the military are applicable in other industries and resist limiting ourselves. We have a lot to offer.

In both the military and in the field service and manufacturing industries it’s important to know your mission.  You must have the drive and focus to get the job done, no excuses … just results.”

Michael C. | U.S. Air Force
 | Evergreen Park, IL

“Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you.  For everyone who ask receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”  (Matthew 7:7)

I have been unemployed since February 2015.  I was worried about finding work at all, let alone work in my desired field as a maintenance technician.  Everywhere I looked, employers would say “I like your experience and qualifications, but I have a lot of applications to process.”  Lots of interviews, but no job offers.

I continued to attend job fairs, job counseling workshops, and training seminars, and still nothing seemed to materialize in the way of employment.  As the months passed I became more and more discouraged about finding work.  I was working with a veteran organization called National Able Network to help me find employment.  Unbeknownst to me, my representative at National Able Network passed my resume on to Vet2Tech in hopes that they could help me find work as a maintenance technician.  To my surprise, I received a phone call from George at Vet2Tech that very same day. He submitted my resume to several companies at once and by the end of the day I had three companies interested in interviewing me.

In short, the position I received just one week after my initial call from George isn’t just any job… it’s the right job!  It is just the type of work I had been searching for based on my years’ experience.  The moment I entered the office at my new employer, I knew that was where I was meant to be.  It was a perfect fit for me.  I cannot begin to thank Vet2Tech enough for their fast work and for referring me to such a great employer.

God bless you, always!”

Bruce H. | U.S. Air Force | Irving, Texas

“I can say without any reservation that Vet2Tech has been the most positive experience I have EVER had with looking for a job.

After being unemployed for over four months, getting the usual job mismatches through other veteran job sources, I was put in touch with Vet2Tech through my Vet rep at the Texas Workforce Commission. I had my doubts at first but within 48 hours of sending my resume to Vet2Tech I received four SOLID job leads. Within 48 hours I had interviews scheduled with all four companies. I have NEVER experienced these kind of results with ANYONE previously. I knew with my years of experience and qualifications I should have people knocking down my door to hire me, but my age and experience were a double-edged sword and cut both ways.

After concluding these four interviews I had SOLID job offers from all four companies and had to choose which one I was going to take. I felt that each one offered things I was looking for and the choice was VERY difficult. Ultimately I settled on a company that even though the starting wages they offered were a little less than what the other companies were offering, I was really looking for a HOME – a job that I would stay with and probably retire from. Thanks to Vet2Tech I believe I have found it. I can’t say enough glowing things about the resource you have provided and the results that have come from your organization. I have been working with my new employer for two weeks now, and from everything I gather from my daily interactions with the other employees and management they can’t be happier to have found me or I them.

I will tell every vet I know about Vet2Tech and sing praises to everyone I know. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me, especially since I have reached that age and experience level where so many companies in this day want to do the cheap thing and hire younger less experienced guys. Please feel free to share this testimonial in any way you can to get the message out to others about the services Vet2Tech provides for vets, and if anyone is in doubt please have them call me and I will tell them my story.”